Renewable Energy in the Pacific

15.kwietnia 2020

Norconsult has been selected by the Government of Solomon Islands and a consortium of Lenders led by the World Bank to act as the Lender’s Technical Advisor (LTA) for the construction of the Tina River Hydropower Project in Solomon Islands.

Photo: Solomon Islands Tourist Board
Photo: Solomon Islands Tourist Board

Solomon Islands has a near-total reliance on expensive diesel for electricity generation and has among the highest electricity costs in the world (and almost double the average for Pacific Island countries) placing a huge burden on families, communities, businesses and government services. Only 16 percent of Solomon Islanders have access to the country’s electricity grid.

The planned Tina River Hydropower Project, when up and running, is expected to significantly reduce the cost of electricity for Solomon Islanders. It is also expected to dramatically reduce Solomon Islands’ greenhouse gas emissions – and cut Solomon Islands’ reliance on expensive diesel fuel for energy in favour of clean, renewable sources. Overall it is expected to shift Honiara’s grid from 3 percent renewable in 2017 to 68 percent at the time the project is commissioned; expected in 2024.

The Project will be funded through a Public Private Partnership that the Solomon Islands Government is adapting for the financing of the Tina River HPP; the first such arrangement for infrastructure in the Solomon Islands.

During the 58-month construction period Norconsult will provide a team of 12 specialists to monitor and advise on all aspects of the construction including the 58 meter RCC dam, 3.3 kilometers of tunnels, electro-mechanical installation and grid connection as well as the environmental and social safeguards required by the Solomon Islands Government and the Lenders.


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