Alelyckan recycling park

We have in close cooperation with the client developed a pilot study and construction documents for a recycling park, Alelyckan in Gothenburg, Sweden. The goal is to reintroduce the material in the community instead of consider and handle it as waste. Our architects has created the recycling park from scratch.
Nazwa projektu:
Alelyckan - recycling park
City of Gothenburg, Recycle office and Higabgruppen
Gothenburg, Sweden
Kluczowe dane:

Area: 3400 sq.m.
Consulting commission: 2,2 million SEK

Our architects has been creating the recycling park Alelyckan from scratch, from the program and plan to finished design of the buildings. One of the park's recycling goal is to inspire the general public to adapt to environmental construction and strengthen Gothenburg's profile as an eco-city. This is clearly seen in the buildings where the beautiful old windows interacts with tall paned doors, all recycled materials from old buildings. In most buildings the intention of recycling can go even deeper than that. Even structural parts, truss beams and columns are collected, quality analyzed and re-used, all to make as little impact as possible on our environment.

Materials that can be reintroduced into the cycle is utilized as, for example, environmentally harmful products and electronics are sorted out. On the recovery site bulky waste as well as newspapers and packaging is dropped for recycling.

All collected materials is being sold for re-use in our buildings. Anyone looking for recycled bricks, genuine paned windows, cast iron stoves, appliances or plumbing articles has come to the right place.

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Elisabeth Borglin
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