Bjurslätt retirement home - Energy efficiency in focus

Bjurslätt Retirement Home was built in the 60’s and later demo­lished to make way for a new and larger building with more appropriate facilities and residences. Norconsult has after some feasibility studies, designed as general contractor the procedure system and construction document management.
Nazwa projektu:
Bjurslätts Retirement Home
The Local Secretariat and Medichus
Kluczowe dane:

Area: 8800 sq.m.
Budget: 140 million SEK

The purpose of the project was to build a new construction of housing for the elderly with 100 apartments. The building is designed as a low-energy building under the local government guidelines for a power consumption of up to 45 sq.m/year. A great focus was set on how all the facilities, installations and building components was performed so that they could accomplish the desired low power consumption level.

The building consists of three floors and a basement with a technical room and storage. The entrance floor with 20 apartments, kitchen, restaurant, meeting point (daily activities), staff facilities and property areas. On level two and three there are 40 apartments per floor with associated common areas such as dining room, living room and kitchen among others.

The building is almost entirely produced with prefabricated concrete frame. The facade is designed as precast concrete units. Ventilation is the FTX type with fan rooms located on the basement level. The building is connected to district heating.

Zdjęcie profilowe Marcus Rydbo
Marcus Rydbo
Affärsområdeschef Arkitektur & Samhällsplanering