Sävehuset - A school certified as a Green Building

Sävehuset belongs to Wisby Secondary School in Sweden and was built in the 1970s. The renovation requirements for the building were so extensive that the project was effectively treated as a newbuild on top of an existing load-bearing construction. Norconsult has consulted with architects and landscape architects in connection with planning, construction and completion.
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Region Gotland
Visby, Sweden
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Area: about 13 000 sq.m.
Budget: about 250 million SEK
Architects commission: about 3 million SEK

One prerequisite for the construction project was that the load-bearing skeleton for the existing building would also have to serve as the structural framework for the new building. Signifi cant parts of the existing building's external roofs, façades, internal non-load-bearing walls and most of the installations would also have to be demolished. Another challenge involved securing suffi cient natural light for the building based on the buildings' existing dimensions.

The basic concept for the newbuild was to open up the existing building. There are currently four similar entrances, but no obvious main entrance. There is no joining vertical link between the fl oors apart from the existing four stairways that are evenly positioned throughout the building.

A new, extended main entrance has therefore been located in the middle of the building, in the passageway between the auditorium and the school building. This leads to a spacious area with a reception, foyer, café, stage and study places. A new central stairway leads to a light and open area on the top floor. A large gap has been created between the joists to allow more daylight into the entrance floor. Large ceiling lamps on the top floor also improve the lighting conditions.

The school building comprises two floors covering an area of around 9,200 m2 and cellars with space for operations, maintenance and storage, in addition to an emergency bunker of around 2,150 m2. Annexed to the school building are an auditorium of around 800 m2 and cellar of around 200 m2.

Sävehuset has been certifi ed as a ''Gold Standard Environmental Building'' under a Swedish building certifi cation scheme. The award was based on the use of environmentally friendly materials and satisfaction of good internal environment and energy efficiency requirements. The certification is provisional and will be confirmed when the building has been in operation for at least a year.

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