Villa Gustafson – low-energy house at a low cost

At a height in Bollebygd, outside Gothenburg, Villa Gustafson was built in 2008 as the first house ever with the heat storage system ASES, Active Solar Energy Storage.
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Villa Gustafson

In Villa Gustafson about 3500 kWh per year in purchased energy is necessary for heating, hot water and ventilation. The house has 29 sq.m. of solar collectors that are directed towards the south. The liquid circulating in these is heated by the sun and the heat is then stored in a storage tank of 900 liters of hot water and in the soil heat storage under the building for heating demand during the cold period.

The sun is charging either the storage tank or the ASES-storage, depending on the solar intensity and needs. This means that the heat excess from the summer can be used and the system can take advantage of relatively low temperatures during winter. The ground heating storage consists of finely crushed rock, which has a very good heat storage capacity.

Villa Gustafson was built in 2008 and has since then detailed measurements of temperatures and energy consumption made by the SP Sweden Technical Research Institute. The building has very positive results with an average purchased energy at 15-19 kWh /sq.m./year for heating, hot water and ventilation.

The storage system does not interfere with the house's design but provides good conditions to create energy-efficient living with an attractive design. Compared to traditional passive houses the architectural freedom is considerably greater. Villa Gustafson has been very well isolated and dense, like passive house technique, but has a complicated design with external walls in various angles.

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