Antuco Power Plant

Norconsult was invited to participate as an independent advisor in order to verify the warranty accomplishments and evaluate other operational conditions.
Nazwa projektu:
Antuco Hydroelectric Power Plant – Measurements Services
Endesa Chile
Antuco Town, Region XVIII, Chile

One year after the repowering performed in a 150 MW Francis unit of the plant, some problems were detected in its operation. We were invited as an independent advisor in the project.

Norconsult Andina gave expert advice on a Francis unit to verify the warranty accomplishments. Also vibrations and pulse pulsations measurements were part of the services.

We performed two efficiency tests and two vibration and pulse pulsation measurements in four days. The rapid response and fast execution of the mission greatly reduced the unavailability of the generator and the reduced energy production.

Zdjęcie profilowe Juliana Ana de Lima
Juliana Ana de Lima
Electrotechnical Engineer