Regional Transmission Development

Feasibility Study for Mozambique Integrated Transmission Backbone System with a main objective to provide a complete technical and economic determination of a least cost option.
Nazwa projektu:
Regional Transmission Development, Mozambique
Ministry of Energy - Republic of Mozambique
2009 – 2012

This is to meet technical, social, environmental and strategic national requirements in order to evacuate power from new generation project(s) that exceeds the capacity of the existing transmission infrastructure.

The study will be based on the findings from the pre-feasibility study in which a combination of two lines was proposed namely:
• One HVAC at a voltage level of 765 kV
• One bipolar HVDC system at a voltage level of 600 kV
Services Rendered:
• Conceptual design of the various transmission and substation components
• Mapping of the line route using AERIAL laser scanning for mapping of the RoW for the detailed design and land acquisition matters.
• Recommendation of the organizational structures of the new Transmission Company responsible for operation and maintenance of the proposed transmission line
• Implementation structure of the project.

Juliana Lima