Rural Electrification in Gaza Province

The project objective is to improve the electricity access, deliver energy to meet long-term demand, reliability and quality of supply to customers of north of Gaza Province hence promoting overall economic development in the region.
Nazwa projektu:
Rural Electrification in Gaza Province, Mozambique
Byucksan Power Co., Ltd. (for Electricidade de Moçambique)

The project consists of following:

  • One new 110kV OHL from Lionde SS to Mapai SS, 245 km
  • Seven (7) new 33kV OHL, 588 km
  • LV-lines: 36 km 0.4kV low voltage lines.
  • Electrification of 2400 customers
  • New substation Mapai: 110/33 kV, 2 - 110kV bays and 7 - 33kV bay
  • Extension of Lionde Substation: One new 110kV bay.

Services Rendered:

  • Sub Consultancy services for Rural Electrification in Gaza province.
  • Line route Survey
  • Technical planning
  • Input to the Consultant for preparation of Contract Documents.
  • Functional design based on buyers design alternatives for OHL lines, substations, and low-voltage systems.
Juliana Lima