Fogelberg, Frigg Gamma Delta and Butch

Centrica is operator for several developments in the North Sea. They are under development, but all at early stages, (pre-)feasibility and concept.  Norconsult provide owners engineering services, and has during 2013/2014 delivered three verification studies on the field developments of Fogelberg, Frigg Gamma Delta and Butch.
Nazwa projektu:
Owners engineering services
Centrica Energy NUF
NCS – Norwegian Continental Shelf

As a provider of owners engineering services for Centrica, we have done several verifications of cost estimates and technical concepts developed by others.


Fogelberg is a High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) subsea field that will be tied-back to a potential host facility, two possible hosts were evaluated.

Verification of Fogelberg concept select cost estimate comprised cost estimating services, to ensure that proper cost estimates for a concept select gate decision were established. The cost estimates were developed by Norconsult based on input from concepts done by others and compared with existing cost estimates.

Frigg Gamma Delta

Frigg Gamma Delta is an undeveloped oil discovery. Either subsea tieback or fixed platform can be the selected solution. Norconsult was looking into the fixed platform solution.

Frigg Gamma Delta – Verification of cost estimates FGD feasibility study undertook an independent screen level verification of the cost estimate developed by others. The cost estimates done by Norconsult were based on the available technical work, done by others, and benchmarked towards recent similar projects.


The Butch main discovery is a light oil recervoir, located at approximately 65 metres water depth close to existing infrastructure and producing fields like Ula and Gyda.

Dependant of results from new wells, still to be explored, subsea tieback or stand-alone solution can be selected. Norconsult was looking into the tie-back solutions and the required modification work at the hosts. Two hosts, Ula and Gyda, were evaluated.

The work performed by Norconsult included a technical verification of the required topside modifications, highlighting elements that could jeopardise the development and increase the risk, together with a cost verification of the modifications, based on the given weight estimates, input by others.

The cost estimates were benchmarked for comparison.

Juliana Lima
Vice President Thermal Energy, Oil and Gas proceses