Owner's Engineer Höegh LNG FPSO

Norconsult offered, as owner’s engineer, technical and management services to its Client throughout the entire project. In Clients organisation, Norconsult contributed with experienced personnel. Norconsult services included establishment of a project organisation, integrating project owner’s key personnel and manning positions in a project management team.
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Owner's Engineer Höegh LNG FPSO

Over the last years, available liquefaction capacity has become the bottleneck in the LNG chain. More gas reserves can be developed by monetizing fields that are marginal due to magnitude and location. In some cases, the value of a field can be increased by early production and monetizing associated gas.

This project was the first of it's class with a new build large vessel with an LNG plant on deck. The project was in high degree a multi discipline project with challenges in getting all parties to work together in the same direction. Engineering teams were located in Oslo (Norway), in Houston (US), in The Hague (Netherland) and in Seoul (South Korea).

From a technical point of view the challenges were countless. Designing a LNG process on a deck that was moving in all directions was challenging. Cryogenic spill on deck had the same challenges, but good solutions were found to both.

Several cooling technologies were evaluated based on the new environment conditions. As deck was moving all the time, not all onshore technologies could be used.

The integration between the marine- and topside systems, both process and control systems were another important task that needed to be solved since the installation is a combination between marine vessel, LNG terminal with offloading facilities and an advanced hydrocarbon process plant.

An extensive communication with the classification society DNV was executed and the total design was approved.

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