Martin Linge Topside

Martin Linge consists of an integrated platform and a permanently anchored FSO. The installations receive power from shore.  When the field comes on stream, treated gas is routed to shore while the oil is, after treatment on the FSO, transported via shuttle tankers. Produced water is re-injected.
Nazwa projektu:
Martin Linge Topside
Total E&P Norge AS
NCS - Norwegian Continental Shelf
Kluczowe dane:
  • Production capacity: 100 000 BOE/D
  • Topside weight:           22 000 Tonnes
  • Water depth: 120 m
  • Production start: 2016
  • Design Life: 30 years

The mixed wellstreams are processed on the platform. Gas is separated from the liquid before transportation to shore. The liquid is transported to an FSO for final separation of oil and produced water.

Produced water is sent back to the platform for reinjection into the reservoir, while the oil is stored and exported by offloading to tanker.

We have done a typical third party verification, verifying Aker Solution's concept for the Martin Linge topside development.

The main focus was put on the weight estimation, including process and area verification.

Norconsult's Norwest Methodology was used. As the equipment weights forms an important input for the weight estimates, special emphasis was put into the verification of the master equipment list, both with regards to equipment count and equipment weight and sizes.

Further the work performed by Norconsult included lift, dry and operational weight estimating for the Martin Linge topside, based on concept developed by Aker Solutions and Doris Engineering. The weight estimated by Norconsult implied that the topside weight could be reduced.

However, by reducing the estimated weight at this stage, clear incentives should be included for the detail design and construction phase, to ensure that the weight efficient solutions are included.

Juliana Lima